• ID Theft
  • Scams
  • Debit Card Notice
  • Conducting Your Transactions Online
  • Phishing
    • Never give your personal information to anyone that requires it to be done by phone or email unless you initiate the call and are certain you know to whom you're giving the information.
    • The bank will never request your information by phone or email.
    • If you receive a request and are uncertain about why the request is being made please contact us before giving any personal information.
    • If you have given your personal information to someone requesting it by phone, letter, or email and are uncertain about why they requested the personal information please contact us so we can discuss ways to protect you."Phishing (pronounced fishing)" is an email scam from persons trying to obtain your personal information. In some cases they duplicate the bank's web page to make their request appear official.

Please remember to contact us with any questions or concerns.